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My First Blog Post

Who Am I

Be not conformed to this word, but transformed by the renuing of your mind.


I don’t really know where to start but here we go.

My name is Gretta Aneasa Rebardi,and I am now 51 years old…recently widowed,and I had two children by different fathers. I was raised by Pentacostle grandparents and my Mother…now all decieced. I never knew my father…only in name, and Mom would leave me weeks and sometimes months in the country with her parents..Now I see where my personality disorder began. Multiple personality disorder…a very complex and confusing thing to have…muchless heal..only through the mercy and grace of Christ could it be possible to identify what was wrong with me. I was so many different personalities in one body…it was almost too unbelievable..even to me . I have decided to share my experience, strengths and hopes ,to help myself continue on this journey of healing and self discovery.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.



Today I am finally coming to unerstand who and what I am.

I am Love,I am Blessed, I am living under Gods Grace..

I am Thankful…I am Free from religion.It took many years of personal mental torture until I could really get my mind to accept the distortion of religious beliefs. I mean it was utterly confusing to me how God could be all loving and witness the ways of people that were in Church everytime the doors open. Today I feel sadness for these that belive they know the true nature of Him and Her but have not been conected yet.I hope one day to see Unconditional love for one another, expecially in the small rual places like where I was born …there you see a Church every 5 miles or so…some are side by side…different denominations…that is confusing to see, and know what I know…actually it’s beyond sad.I pray more and more people will wake up soon to the knowledge that God is Love.


I have struggled for years to find peace in my internal world because of Religion. I was raised for my first years by my Grandparents. Two beautiful souls that dedicated there lives to worshiping God…we traveled and sang at 100’s of Churches and functions.I’m not against church …I want to make that clear…if that’s what works for you….for me it did not…I began to fear Gods wrath in a unhealthy way. The Fear of God is real and true…but the preaching on Hell and Brimstone scared me as a child and made me turn away from God in fear.Thankfully I am a Spiritual person and have realized …God is LOVE.If I keep that Agape Love alive in me…there is no more fear.


Today I have decided to release all cords of attachment to my past…past lives,relationships and soul ties. These attachments have causes years of concequences in my life. If your like me, and have had a long history of broken relationships and the worst luck ever…but you know your not a bad to may be suffering from unhealthy attachments. I knew nothing about this until a couple years ago. I was in Church and recieved …Baptizm of FIRE…some call it…Dark Night of the Soul…it was a release of my inner demons that I associate with character defects…the seven deadly sins…this was a extreme time in my life…I could feel the Spirit working in me, and it is still helping me to learn and heal these broken parts of myself. One by one …these issues of wrong patters would show up..and I have the task of recognition to see it..feel it…and HEAL it , by changing my response to it. This Holy Spirit is my teacher…and I have the worlds best education known to man…Thank You Father.I struggled with believing for a long time but it’s absolutely true and real. GOD could and would if he was sought.


A Cry For HELP !!!!

Everytime my son and I get into a heated argument I learn something new about  myself that needs healing…I don”t think thats a accident …I am beginning to see how the Empath mirror effect is working to assist my healing…and also keep me from holding on to pent up resentments because of the horrible things said in Anger to each other.. this proves to my mind the Mirro Effect, is real as hell

It does not excuse my, or, his behavior as aduits in handeling our emotions, I am starting to defend myself and stop doing what doesnt feel right to me.I find it hard to believe its love that my son feels for me, It feels more like deep rooted hatred that is manifesting the wrong things, Actually things are getting clearer every moment about disfunctional relationships…it feels more like a death wish or just absolute vengence. Its cruel, because I feel its meditated on, I see why I have not been able to manifest anything…hes [pulling on my energy and draining my supply till i die;

this ,ay sound far fetched but I know its absolutely possible…so how do I stop the offence against me. How do you cut there supply. I cant take it anymore…Im 51, hes 27.

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