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Today I am finally coming to unerstand who and what I am.

I am Love,I am Blessed, I am living under Gods Grace..

I am Thankful…I am Free from religion.It took many years of personal mental torture until I could really get my mind to accept the distortion of religious beliefs. I mean it was utterly confusing to me how God could be all loving and witness the ways of people that were in Church everytime the doors open. Today I feel sadness for these that belive they know the true nature of Him and Her but have not been conected yet.I hope one day to see Unconditional love for one another, expecially in the small rual places like where I was born …there you see a Church every 5 miles or so…some are side by side…different denominations…that is confusing to see, and know what I know…actually it’s beyond sad.I pray more and more people will wake up soon to the knowledge that God is Love.


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