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Today I have decided to release all cords of attachment to my past…past lives,relationships and soul ties. These attachments have causes years of concequences in my life. If your like me, and have had a long history of broken relationships and the worst luck ever…but you know your not a bad to may be suffering from unhealthy attachments. I knew nothing about this until a couple years ago. I was in Church and recieved …Baptizm of FIRE…some call it…Dark Night of the Soul…it was a release of my inner demons that I associate with character defects…the seven deadly sins…this was a extreme time in my life…I could feel the Spirit working in me, and it is still helping me to learn and heal these broken parts of myself. One by one …these issues of wrong patters would show up..and I have the task of recognition to see it..feel it…and HEAL it , by changing my response to it. This Holy Spirit is my teacher…and I have the worlds best education known to man…Thank You Father.I struggled with believing for a long time but it’s absolutely true and real. GOD could and would if he was sought.



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