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A Cry For HELP !!!!

Everytime my son and I get into a heated argument I learn something new about  myself that needs healing…I don”t think thats a accident …I am beginning to see how the Empath mirror effect is working to assist my healing…and also keep me from holding on to pent up resentments because of the horrible things said in Anger to each other.. this proves to my mind the Mirro Effect, is real as hell

It does not excuse my, or, his behavior as aduits in handeling our emotions, I am starting to defend myself and stop doing what doesnt feel right to me.I find it hard to believe its love that my son feels for me, It feels more like deep rooted hatred that is manifesting the wrong things, Actually things are getting clearer every moment about disfunctional relationships…it feels more like a death wish or just absolute vengence. Its cruel, because I feel its meditated on, I see why I have not been able to manifest anything…hes [pulling on my energy and draining my supply till i die;

this ,ay sound far fetched but I know its absolutely possible…so how do I stop the offence against me. How do you cut there supply. I cant take it anymore…Im 51, hes 27.


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